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Conversations with the Fed
Prosperity: Will Our Children Be Better Off Than Us?
November 8, 2017 (5:00-7:30) at Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

The Collaborative is co-sponsoring this exciting Conversations event on November 8th! The reception and program will be hosted on the Bank’s 23rd floor, and will be free and open to the public who register beforehand.

The Richmond Fed Research Director, Kartik Athreya, will speak on prosperity in the Richmond region, and the small changes that are happening in the growth of our economy that will impact us and our children. To learn more about the Conversations speaker series, click here!

Controversy History

We’re proud to partner with the Valentine Museum on this year’s Controversy History series. We’ll explore contentious, present-day issues (aligned to the Collaborative’s 8 priority areas) by comparing historic debates with modern data. At each of these events, Bill Martin and radio host Kelli Lemon will provide biographies of individuals with opposing viewpoints from Richmond’s past. Expert speakers will then present 21st century data that explains how these disagreements have developed and shifted over time. A moderated, in-depth conversation among attendees plus actionable next-steps will follow.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 6-8 p.m. (Valentine Museum)
Social Stability: Voting Rights & Redistricting
 Corinna Barrett Lain, University of Richmond

Tuesday, December 5, 20176-8 p.m. (Valentine Museum)
Quality Place: Monuments and Tourism

Tuesday, January 2, 20186-8 p.m. (Valentine Museum)
Job Creation: Immigration

Tuesday, February 6, 20186-8 p.m. (Valentine Museum)
Coordinated Transportation: The Interstate Highway System

Tuesday, April 3, 20186-8 p.m. (Valentine Museum)
History Makers Tie-In

CRC Annual Community Update
March 13, 2018 (4-6:30pm) at VUU

We’re excited to bring you the 3rd Annual Community Update! Once again, we’ll release the newest data from the Regional Indicators Project and share the collaborative progress happening across the region.

In addition to a new time and location, this year the Annual Community Update is merging with the Valentine’s History Makers! These awards, which recognize citizens who have made lasting contributions in our community, will be aligned with the Collaborative’s 8 priority areas. This allows us to put a face and story with the numbers, and celebrate the region-wide impact of these movers and shakers.

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Other Events

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